Dear Readers: Excited to receive Patsy’s memoir, I anticipated a wonderful read. I felt like the adult version of Hansel and Gretel, following the breadcrumb path dropped to show me the way home. This little book would provide the meat and potatoes needed to launch my writing career. Rather than wonderful, it was quick, short, and vague. Just the bare bones with puzzling … More Essentials

Memoir Revisited

Dear Readers: During the decade of the 1980s I nagged aging parents to write their life stories, hoping to preserve their memories for posterity. No one complied. So, after my father and father-in-law died, and my mother’s memory had gone around the bend, I resorted to pestering Patsy. After all, she was a retired English teacher who loved … More Memoir Revisited


Dear Readers: I loved my gutsy, independent, intelligent, beautiful mother-in-law from the first day I met her forty-five plus years ago.  I recall it was a dark December evening and Christmas loomed. My date, her son, drove us up to a three-story house in the rascally part of St. Paul, Minnesota. I could see a twinkling tree inside upstairs windows filigreed with … More Surprises

Second Time Around

Dear Readers: How did I get to this point in my life? I started working in healthcare, graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in what was then called Medical Technology. That title became politically incorrect so by the time I retired I had morphed into a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. If you know anything about laboratory workers, we are … More Second Time Around

Ancient History

Dear Readers: My name is not a household word (yet) so here is a bit of background concerning yours truly. I was born and raised in Minnesota and lived there fifty-three years, traversing growth spurts, education, romance and career adventures. I guess that makes me a bona-fide Viking fan for life. Growing up in small town, middle-western America, I … More Ancient History


This is the page where I’ll be adding my daily (or so) updates.  Please feel free to add comments below about the site, the story, or the writing process as you see fit. The Grouts have just completed a research journey covering 5000 miles tracing the actual path taken by the story’s protagonist in 1939. … More Posts