This is the page where I’ll be adding my daily (or so) updates.  Please feel free to add comments below about the site, the story, or the writing process as you see fit.

The Grouts have just completed a research journey covering 5000 miles tracing the actual path taken by the story’s protagonist in 1939. We recorded details of the terrane, weather and general local flavor. We had an SUV packed with clothes, food, maps, reference books, credit cards, cash and even a tow rope. We gained a lot of respect for a woman (girl, actually) who performed the same feat seven decades ago with a knapsack and a thumb.

The picture up in the header is the site of the fictionalized Lazy-S ranch in Montana.  It’s one of the places the girls stayed on their journey and figures prominently in the story plot. More pictures will be posted as I learn to use more features of this web host.


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