Memoir revisited

Dear Readers: Jimmy, my creative writing instructor, moved our introductory class from poetry to memoir studies in February, 2008. She told us this genre required brutal honesty (no dodging dicey topics) so adopting a straight-shooter attitude was the first step and a good start. However, to be successful in the current publishing world, the story had to be exciting, unusual, limited … More Memoir revisited

Fractured February

Dear Readers: Above you see the title of the Found Poem I wrote in 2008. Never heard of Found Poetry? Join the club. It was our second assignment in Creative Writing. According to Jimmy, the instructor, this literary form lurked all around us. Look and we would see. It was right under our noses. In newspapers, on billboards, our grocery … More Fractured February

Proof is in the Pudding

Dear Readers: I began laboring over my assignments for the Introduction to Creative Writing class. I glanced ahead at the six subjects we would cover and butterflies flitted in my stomach. The best approach was to grit my teeth and tackle one mystifying topic at a time. We started with poetry. I’d never written poetry. Poetry didn’t really do much for me. It was … More Proof is in the Pudding

Silent Generation

Dear Readers: After that first Saturday creative writing class, I raced home and dove into the reading, homework, and writing assignments. My enthusiasm soon turned to trepidation. The syllabus seemed overwhelming. The assignments were written in Greek. This could be a long, exhausting sixteen weeks. I’ve always been a person who takes things seriously, having been born during the second … More Silent Generation

The Basics

Dear Readers: With the journaling class under my belt, I bit the bullet and enrolled in Introduction to Creative Writing at Phoenix College. It sounded like one of those pesky prerequisite classes that serve as the portal, the magic gateway, to the enchanted island. Best slog through it so I could move on to the real thing. … More The Basics

Meyn-ing Memories

Dear Readers: In 2007, journaling sounded like it had the potential to become another tedious, monotonous, boring activity. Like scrubbing toilets. My days had a rhythm and routine that kept the accomplishments coming, but why would I want to record them and who on earth would ever want read about them? Guess I suffered from “B. A.” aka “bad attitude” when I started attending … More Meyn-ing Memories

A Whole New World

Dear Readers: The fall of 2007 I was in a pickle. I had promised Patsy I would get started on her manuscript but was mystified how to write an interesting story. What to do? I searched the internet for local colleges offering creative writing classes and decided to start easy with a journal-writing class. My timing wasn’t great. Registrations had closed and … More A Whole New World

Out of Excuses

Dear Readers: During my working life, I believed the urban myths about starving artists, especially creative writers, who woke at 4 am to pound the keys before grabbing the brown bag lunch and dashing out the door to the day job, which was also the paying job. So I planned my second career around my … More Out of Excuses

Family Treasure

Dear Readers: Early in my married life I realized having an enchanting tale to read to Wee Ones on Christmas Eve was not only a wonderful tradition, but a great attention-diverting tactic, to fill the time between the dreaded evening feast clean-up and the Grand Gift-opening Event. This was the time when sweet little tykes began wheedling, whining, and bouncing … More Family Treasure