Fractured February

Dear Readers:

Above you see the title of the Found Poem I wrote in 2008. Never heard of Found Poetry? Join the club. It was our second assignment in Creative Writing. According to Jimmy, the instructor, this literary form lurked all around us. Look and we would see. It was right under our noses. In newspapers, on billboards, our grocery shopping lists, song lyrics, paint chips, brochures, shopping bags, plaques, postage stamps. And so on and so on and so on. I started looking, clipping, and cataloguing. Sure enough, once the scales fell from my eyes,  I saw snippets of verse, song, rhyme, poetry everywhere. The problem was melding them all together in a sensible set of stanzas. I decided to pretend this was a giant scrabble game and I had to assemble my cubes into sentences rather than words. My scraps seemed to group themselves into common themes: football, politics, body parts, and fantasies. These February themes made an interesting statement about our culture. My composition resulted in sixty-four lines starting with football finale and ending with Smakeral of Hunny. My eyes had been opened. Guess that was the point of the whole thing. The plot thickens.

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