Twenty Things

Dear Readers:

Remember my first class session when I was devastated to learn that telling a story based on real life produced a snooze session book? I had to agree when I read my mother-in-law’s version of her 1939 travels her story definitely qualified for first prize in the boring category.  Along came Twenty Things That Can Happen to the rescue. My creative writing instructor said this exercise would punch up the excitement in our stories. Mine needed more than punches. How about a few round houses, maybe an upper cut followed by a parry or two? To accomplish this, we were to let our imaginations run wild and  jot down whatever came to mind. She told us to carry that tablet and scribble those thoughts while standing in line at the Diamond Backs hot dog stand, waiting in the overcrowded doctor’s office, day-dreaming when driving on the interstate. They could be BIG THINGS like a nuclear bomb dropping or TENDER THINGS like a granddaughter getting the role of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan or DISHONEST THINGS such as snatching a glimpse of your big sister’s diary and giggling with your pals about what is said.  This assignment was fun. My spouse and I tossed out ludicrous ideas and shared many a laugh. The list of twenty was pared down to the ten best and the assignment turned in. So maybe this instructor did know a thing or two. The plot thickens.

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