Dear Departed

Dear Readers:

Before I started my writing career, I bumbled along, reading stories and enjoying various points of view. Then I started writing my story and encountered the Point of View Police head-on. Just the list of POVs was an eye-opener: omniscient, first person, third person (limited and unlimited), even one called cinematic. I did realize that switching POVs midstream from one character to another was as no-no because it confused the reader, who, after all, is the main reason we writers are all here. The thing I did not realize was that only the ordained i.e. the heroine, the hero, the heroine’s sidekick, and the villain were among the chosen ones who could express their opinions. God forbid an incidental character who had a one night stand never to be heard from again between his opening lines and the “The End” should have the right to express their POV. I learned there are established rules that have been mutually agreed upon by the Writers Universally United for Uniformity. And those rules stipulated that I had to kill off some of the most interesting voices my travellers encountered on their journey. I struggled to restrict myself to a total of five POVs. The corpses of the others were laid to rest as character interviews. The plot thickens.

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