Networking Wowsville

Dear Readers: Today I talked to Ms. Anna Dee Ready. I was sent her direction by a friend who knows both of us. She is a published author. I may be just starting out but am smart enough to know anyone who has run the old-fashioned publishing gauntlet has to be a battle worn, tough author. We had a delightful talk. She gave me advice about getting more interest generated for this blog. I, in turn, will send her information on websites that may prove useful for polishing her query letter and query synopsis. I have my work cut out for me to find an agent so appreciate this respite time while my beta readers plow through my manuscript. Meanwhile, I can clean up my desk stacked with the “put-off” tasks overlooked while I dashed through my fifth pass at Patsy and Virgie. So on to bigger and better. The plot thickens.

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