What’s in a Word?

Dear Readers: I have been researching pronunciations and definitions of words lately. My husband and I while away our lunch hours together reading Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible. We have completed France and are meandering through Italy, learning about unknowns such as ailoi, Ghemme, and Cremant. Is it any wonder we need to consult a dictionary? Last week’s bulletin from our church … More What’s in a Word?

Focus on Food

Dear Readers: Let me tell you about my critique experience. If you want to see your writing through your future readers’ eyes, join a critique group. This bunch brought unique perspectives of my writing to each meeting. One attendee’s strength was pointing out my addiction to telling rather than showing. A second member policed my insatiable desire to repeat the same thing multiple … More Focus on Food


Dear Readers: I have been reading other blogs getting the feel of this writing life. I am surprised no one talks about being in a critique group. I recall going to my first writing seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona and listening to a number of speakers extoll the virtues and values of joining a peer reading … More Groupies