Mulling it Over

Dear Readers: Over the past several years I’ve read oooogobbies of writers’ magazines offering advice about fine tuning my writing skills. They cover all sorts of topics – from achieving painless editing, staying motivated in the face of criticism and rejection, to venturing into the social media world – you name it and there’s an article about it. Magazine editors appear to use a … More Mulling it Over

What’s in a Name?

Dear Readers: Two of my beta readers commented that my book needs a better title. A third said she thought my Virgie character was a male. Not so.  I have called my first novel Patsy and Virgie since day one because those were the names of my heroines, my dynamic duo, the two who, the fearless travellers, the rebels who sought a … More What’s in a Name?

Is it Soup Yet?

Dear Readers: Remember the commercial where the little kid can’t wait for his Campbell’s soup lunch to be ready? I was thinking about that and comparing it to my revision process today as I sealed the envelope on an updated copy of my manuscript. I sent it on its way to another volunteer reader. She has offered to trade manuscripts … More Is it Soup Yet?