Serious Humor

Dear Readers: I am an expert at being totally serious about life, love, work, parenting – all of it. I’m naturally cautious by nature. No riding roller coasters for me. No sleeping on airplanes while bouncing across the skies. My to-do lists add an element of assurance that I will not overlook something important. One of … More Serious Humor

A Gift from my Heroine

Dear Readers: I started my historical novel, Chasing the Strawberry Moon, in September of 2008. Voila, after four years, here I am, working on the last pass, before submitting my manuscript for copyright. During that time, I have learned oogobbies, read oogobbies, written oogobbies, and deleted oogobbies. I know now that most of the planning of my … More A Gift from my Heroine