Dear Readers: It’s been a challenge keeping my five characters jogging through the pages, acting independently, yet reacting to one another. Taking what was a bare-bones true story, embellishing it, and developing a coherent plot was a new experience. Where could I begin? How about starting with the events of the 1930’s? History was never … More Weaving


Dear Readers: One of my delights in writing fiction is the freedom to build unusual characters to populate my story. But even these imaginary people must cling to reality enough to make them believable. Where do they come from? I start with a list of quirks, traits, and behaviors. Then I winnow it down to the essentials needed to describe the role a character will play in … More Conjuring

Day by Day

Dear Readers: Years ago I started a daily diary. And started it. And then restarted it. My musings on the pages never seemed to endure much longer than about three days. I think the most enticing element of the book itself was the tarnished little key that locked the pages away from the prying eyes … More Day by Day