Dear Readers: The metamorphosis is complete. I have transformed from a retired laboratory scientist into a self-employed writer. It’s nothing nearly as dramatic as the opening line to Kafka’s short story Metamorphosis where his protagonist finds himself “transformed in his bed into a monstrous insect.”  But it is a definite change and for someone of my staid, predictable … More Dabbling

Whacking Those Moles

Dear Readers: My husband has been burning the midnight oil of late, putting finishing touches on computer code for a client. He is working with 20,000 lines of Visual Basic hieroglyphics, so finding one little discrepancy is challenging. He compares it to the Whac-A-Mole games popular several decades ago. Fix one problem by hitting one smiley rodent on the noggin to … More Whacking Those Moles

Running The Gauntlet

Dear Readers: In my Revising the Novel Class, the instructor devoted one entire morning’s lecture to the second phase of writing: the business of actually getting the pages organized into a book sitting on a distant shelf. It could be in the electronic library of an I-pad. Or stacked amidst competitors on a table at Barnes and … More Running The Gauntlet

Naked Poetry

Dear Readers: I listen to the news while I exercise each morning. Focusing on current events helps me through the drudgery of the repetitive motions so ingrained in my brain that little conscious thought is required, much like my autonomic nerves breathing and digesting and balancing. This week’s series on NPR about revival of the Poetry Games caught my attention. … More Naked Poetry