The Study of Humor

Dear Readers: Yesterday hubby and I were assigned an airport pick-up: our granddaughter was arriving from Tucson via the campus shuttle service. We scooped her up, I handed her a sandwich, and we slogged off through legendary Phoenix rush-hour traffic to attend her alma mater’s homecoming football game. I commented about her delayed arrival, knowing she’d had a late … More The Study of Humor

Balancing Act

Dear Readers: Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox – the time when summer is ending, winter beginning and hours of light and darkness are equal. Is this Mother Nature’s way of periodically reminding us mere earthlings that periods of living life in the fast lane need to be balanced with respite, rest, and recuperation? Much like the need … More Balancing Act

Aces and Spaces

Dear Readers: There is a new book on the market written by a prestigious educator that promotes ignorance. The professor’s premise is that the most interesting parts of our lives are not the answers, but the questions. He points out that it’s the omissions from our knowledge base that germinate new scientific approaches, solutions, and breakthroughs. That’s encouraging … More Aces and Spaces

All the Answers

Dear Readers: My Granddaughter returns to Phoenix today after her first two weeks away from home living the campus dormitory life at the University of Arizona south of here in Tucson. As she begins the next exciting part of her life, she is the typical optimistic, energized teen. You have to have a heart brimming with life … More All the Answers