Balancing Act

Dear Readers:
Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox – the time when summer is ending, winter beginning and hours of light and darkness are equal. Is this Mother Nature’s way of periodically reminding us mere earthlings that periods of living life in the fast lane need to be balanced with respite, rest, and recuperation? Much like the need to follow the tension-filled action scene with the contemplative, reflective sequel. At one point in Chasing the Strawberry Moon, Virgie muses that the summer solstice is upon them and its arrival means her best friend’s birthday is imminent. She misses Patsy and regrets their falling out over trivial things.

I was reminded of similar angst-filled days this past weekend when I attended my high school reunion. All the attendees looked older, some were downright frail, some posted on the memorial board. But most faces brought back memories of confidences shared, outrageous behaviors boasted, and enduring friendships forged. Where have the years flown? How fortunate we survivors are to have the brain power to recall umpteen remembrances as well as the physical stamina to carry on, optimistically planning another get-together in five years.

Life moves along at a dizzying pace. New technologies bombard us daily.  Some of my classmates have had multiple marriages, careers, and recurring episodes of radiation and chemotherapy. We all carry on knowing the alternate “choice” is something to be avoided. I am thankful to have another opportunity to walk that tightrope, teetering one direction and then the other but managing to put another notch in the belt of life. Onward to publication of my story – one way or another. The plot thickens.

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