Mysterious Voice

Dear Readers: I have a head filled with superlatives thinking about recent experiences at my first writer’s conference: Women Writing the West. The event was three days of encounters with friendly, accommodating, inquisitive, creative, inspiring presiders and fellow attendees. Because I was a newbie, my name tag identified me as a”green dot” person alerting the “old guard” to extend extra warm-fuzzies to make … More Mysterious Voice

Plotter’s Block

Dear Readers: Writer’s block is how the writing community describes a dreaded time when an author’s brain goes blank and spontaneous creativity dries up. So is that what happens when you sit down to outline your second-in-a-sequence novel and nothing seems to fit or work or inspire? I have planned from day one to continue Patsy’s story with … More Plotter’s Block

Just Show Up

Dear Readers: Long term goals have the potential to drain one’s energy. They can seem too distant, almost etherial, hovering on the horizon. Persistance is the answer but it is a hungry, often elusive hound. I recall in my former career conducting multiple interviews of prospective employees advising that one of my cherished requirements for keeping this … More Just Show Up