Acronym Mania

Reading about the MIND Diet this past week set me to wondering how do these “catchy” names come about. Someone must spend days searching for words to string together which actually represent the newly named animal, vegetable, or mineral thing just invented, discovered, or modified. The above named diet, in full length, reads Mediterranean-DASH Intervention … More Acronym Mania

Five Old-fashioned Rules for an Old-fashioned Potluck

We live in a culture enamored with food: its preparation, its consumption, its analysis to determine if it is, or is not, good for us. Unlike other addictions, one cannot simply swear off nourishment cold turkey (pun intended) for obvious reasons. With spring hovering, cold fronts are overwhelmed by warm fronts, causing the daffodils and … More Five Old-fashioned Rules for an Old-fashioned Potluck