Slow Food, Slower Fashion, Even Slower Writing

I recall first hearinMcDg of fast food during my growing up years when those golden arches glowed twenty-four hours a day over McDonalds Restaurants that stretched coast to coast, each boasting how many millions of burgers had been sold to-date.

Now I find there’s a global revolution called The Slow Movement that advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace on all levels. The originator was an Italian promoting Slow Cities which led to the World Institute of Slowness. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace but at the right speed, savoring each hour and minute, doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from food to fashion to parenting to science to investing.

Slow food means you know how the animals were treated, whether pesticides were used when you planted your own garden and watched your dinner sprout and grow and bloom and wait patiently to be picked.

Slow fashion means the cotton used to weave that tee shirt was organically grown, harvested by hand, spun at aGoodwill cooperative, dyed using organic coloring sources, cut and sewn by multigenerational families that have energy resources that are sustainable. And of course the ultimate in slow fashion is going to your local Goodwill and snatching up those donated items of vintage pieces of clothing, hats, and purses and giving them a second, perhaps even a third go at life.

So this revelation has eased my guilt over my current WIP which is going at a snail’s pace – what with all my researching and plotting and more researching and character development and even more researching. There should be a place where old plot ideas can go to be recycled. I guess there is. It’s called the Lending Library.

5 thoughts on “Slow Food, Slower Fashion, Even Slower Writing

  1. I think your analogy that slowing things down and savoring the process rather than rushing to devour the final product most certainly applies to writing. I’m working on my second novel and, having learned the first time around, I am moving purposely at a slower pace. Yes, there are days where I put down 2k words. More often than not, I am spending more time with the characters in order to understand them better.

  2. I too have learned to stop and smell the adjectives, adverbs, and action verbs. Slowing down is a better approach. Glad I learned this with my first book and can apply with work #2.

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