Judith Grout, Author

A Perfect Time to Get in Shape

With the really, really big holidays just around the corner, is it time to review those  New Year’s resolutions made in haste last January and restart your resolve to “get in shape” and “lose that flab?” Getting fit is the #1 New Year’s resolution. It’s also the one first abandoned early in February when sweating through spin classes and rowing competitions suddenly lose their appeal.

But there’s so much else to do. How about the instant gratification of finishing off the leftover peanut butter cups before they get stale? After all – they are the “fun size.” Maybe, working on your holiday wish list by adding the latest exercise monstrosity with its rubber-handled, spring-loaded exercise gizmos could count as “restarting” your exercise? And don’t forget to add the latest in athleisure fashion – you can’t show up at the gym in last year’s sweatpants.

So why is it so difficult to stay fitness-enthused?

So here we are, trying to decide if it’s chic to wear the latest hoodie or yoga pants to the Board Meeting. We have the union of luxury with comfort and the dilemma of choosing just the right sweats to go with a professional black cardigan, over a designer white tee, topped off with a fitted baseball cap, and white high-top tennis shoes. So maybe all that walking the mall and shopping can count as exercise? I know we can do it – with just a little more effort and a lot more walking.


↑How we see ourselves in the gym↑

↓How others see us in the gym↓