Elevating the Common Home Library

8845d3a6250f5f920095cce0f64f2d97As those sepia-toned pages skip electronically across your e-reader, do you miss the feel, the smell, the pleasing sheen of a hardcover book pulled from the shelves of your home library? Do you realize you have a no-electricity-required-home-entertainment-center right under your nose?

Home designers and decorators are returning to the idea that hardcover books are attractive objects, especially when displayed in clever ways on unique bookshelves. Here’s a few ideas for zinging-up your home library:

  • Why not face as many of your interesting covers on shelves that are eye level in “full-frontal nudity” style? If the book’s cover is the number one sales tool, exploit it to draw in readers.
  • Tired of looking at those neglected, rejected dishes in your china christmas+tree+book+long+enoughcloset? Replace them with books that will not only make the dining more convivial but also improve everyone’s digestion?
  • Low on extra space? Look at all the display real estate you have. How about using hallways, bathrooms, even the Harry Potter haven under the stairs? Just hike over to your favorite DIY supply store, bring home some shelves, and fire up that saw and drill.
  • Who can resist a book at bedtime? Choose a headboard that doubles as a book shelf.
  • There’s a crazy idea in the14459795639479_w750h3000 home décor world of late to turn the bindings to the wall which seems like a misguided fad to “reduce visual noise.” How do you find anything? Why not just announce “I don’t think my books are all that interesting?”
  • Save the leather-bound tomes for your attorney’s office. The true “tony” look is interesting books with interesting titles and eye-catching covers.
  • Don’t organize by color scheme or wrapped in sheeny, marble patterned paper. Your readers will wonder what you have to hide.

Ever wonder where old books go to die? Want to learn more? Control click on this link to read “Books by the Foot.”decoist

4 thoughts on “Elevating the Common Home Library

  1. Dear Judith, these are clever ways! Right now, I’m sorting my library of research (ancient Greece, Biblical scholars, American wars, etc.) and rearranging them on the many bookshelves in my home. Books are stacked here in my office and the clutter is getting to me!!! I need to get this job done! Peace.

  2. Spring cleaning book shelves can be a time of regret – you need to clear space for new tomes but hesitate to let go of something you “just might need in the future.” Donating to good causes makes it easier.

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