A Sure Cure for Reading Rut-itis

AsrtdBooksDo you grow weary of reading yet another predictable romance, easily-solved mystery, or dystopian tragedy?  You have come down with a bad case of Rut-itis. This time around why not take a chance on something different, something outside your reading comfort zone? How? Here’s some ideas:

  • Look on your favorite website that quizzes readers not only about what book they recently read but also how much they liked it. Then look for the popular and 5-starred titles. If this is your first venture into a new genre, you want a win-me-over book for starters.
  • Chat with those around you who like to read. Chances are they will be your trusted friends and fussy family members. You can offer someone a challenge trade-off. “I’ll read your favorite si-fi novel in exchange for you reading my latest rom/com. I just know you’re going to love my selection.”
  • All sorts of blogs and newsletters recommend what they consider “best reads” on a monthly, weekly, or even daily schedule. Follow their advice and you might be reading your first-ever short story collection that has an eclectic mix of fantasy, magical realism, even horror.
  • If you’re browsing your local library and ask, “What’s a good read this month?” of the librarian behind the information desk, you may be asked to describe your last “good read” and what you liked about it. Did you focus on a charming character, or a glorious setting, or a story filled with unexpected plot twists? Who knew here comes your first experience with memoir?
  • Was your last attempt at non-fiction disappointing? Fear not to venture there again because the latest in good factual story telling reads more like a novel than a biography.

Several years ago, at our house, we launched the “Lunch New Book Reading Hour.” What do we do? One person is the cook1designated reader while the others munch on their sandwiches. When they are satiated, they take over from the famished first reader. When one book is completed, another participant must suggest the next book. Thus far, we have read every kind of book on the market, from The Wine Bible to Sacre Bleu to The Story of Light, with even a cookbook or two thrown in. It certainly expands one’s knowledge (and maybe one’s waistline too.) Happy reading.


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