My high school year book predicted I would be successful and wealthy. Now they find out I’m a writer. But, wait – there’s more! During my formative career years, my left brain launched me into the fun and fact-filled science of healthcare. I wallowed in assorted body fluids using analytic methods such as chemistry, hematology, microbiology (my fav), among others. The paychecks were regular (although at times Spartan.) But I stuck to the professional grind for 40+ years, accumulated my nest egg, and retired. Now I live with a liberated right brain, writing, running the gamut from freelancing to fiction. My debut novel, Chasing the Strawberry Moon, Hitchhiking (for girls) will scratch that itch you’ve had yearning to know more about 1939, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and a looming World War II. See you in the pages.

My current book (a work in progress tentatively titled “Widow’s Landing”) is a series of short stories which together comprise a chronology spanning roughly a century and a half.  Each story tells the tale of inhabitants and events in the evolution of a small upper Midwest town on the Mississippi river. An excerpt from the first of these stories is now posted on my Book Excerpts page (see the menu link just below the picture at the top of this page).

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