Romancing the Pen

In 2014, research was published that showed students learned better taking notes with the old standbys paper and pen than clicking away on an electronic device. The process of physical writing that stimulated paraphrasing and summarizing was labelled Desirable Difficulty. That sounds like a good moniker for the stress and strain involved in the creative … More Romancing the Pen

How the Laws of Physics May Affect Your Writing

Are you surprised that the sophisticated science of physics could have an impact on your story and its elements of magical realism, science fiction, or fantasy? It’s tempting to create fantastical creatures living on other planets in our universe – take the array of aliens featured weekly in the original Star Trek series – that … More How the Laws of Physics May Affect Your Writing

The Writer’s Dilemma

    You are writing a memoir, or an autobiography, perhaps a story that is based on historical facts. Your research reveals some brutal truths. The little devil on your left shoulder whispers, “Go ahead. Spill you guts. Set the truth free.” But the angel with the glowing halo whispers in your right ear, “How … More The Writer’s Dilemma

Tale of the Tresses

When your reader opens your pages, and their eyes skim along those inky symbols we call words, you want to supply every detail that makes your characters jump off the page and come to life. One thing easily described is hair. It’s a reflection of personality and lifestyle. It’s one of the things your reader … More Tale of the Tresses

Just Because it’s brown — doesn’t mean it’s Chocolate

Sounds like good advice for new parents bringing baby number one home from the hospital. It can also be useful for creative writers who want help their reader “see” their character’s face. But eye color descriptions are mostly worn-out clichés that need a fresh look. And you can get more for your money with creative … More Just Because it’s brown — doesn’t mean it’s Chocolate

How to Write a Smile

, I am a developing writer with a long learning curve ahead. I don’t anticipate ever giving other newbie writers like me lectures on how to improve their craft. That would be a severe case of “blind leading the blind.” I take classes, listen to webinars, and read my share of self-help books on all … More How to Write a Smile

Pounding a Square Peg into a Round Hole

  An interview with the author of “Prayer Wasn’t Enough.” Today I have a guest author, Ms. Dee Ready, who has just self-published “Prayer Wasn’t Enough – A Convent Memoir.” What happens when an innocent college graduate thinks she’s had a visit from “the Cloud of God’s Being?” Overnight, she becomes determined to fashion herself … More Pounding a Square Peg into a Round Hole

Falling Out of Favor

Daily we witness the evolution of products we’ve known, loved, and used for decades go the way of the dinosaur and become obsolete. Last year the list of “going, going, gone” included: Bar soap – replaced by liquid body wash (the dirty little secret here is body wash slips through your fingers and down the … More Falling Out of Favor