Slideshow Details

This page provides details about the pictures that comprise the slideshow.  A link to the slideshow itself is at the bottom.

I picked the  photos to represent various elements of the book.  The pictures here fall into three categories:

  1. Actual photos of or by Patsy or Virgie; taken at the time of the story
  2. Pictures we took on our 2011 “book trip” in which we retraced the route taken by the girls in 1939
  3. Pictures, gleaned from various other sources, of people, vehicles, and locations evocative of episodes in the book

In the description of each photo, I identify  the category to which it belongs.  Click on any picture to activate a “Carousel” which you can scroll to see the descriptions.

The score accompanying the slideshow comes from a wonderful source for royalty-free music, The site has thousands of musical offerings indexed by type and mood. All they require is that you give credit when using a piece. I chose Living Voyage by Kevin MacLeod because for me it evokes the feelings of mystery, adventure, and discovery I tried to portray in the book.

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