What would Patsy think?

Dear Readers:

Well that didn’t take long. Not! Here it is a full seven years after I started learning the craft of creative writing that I can announce my novel Chasing the Strawberry Moon, Hitchhiking (for girls) is published. The story went “live” on the 2nd of February. I think my heroine would be pleased that an important chapter of her life lives on in the electronic print world. The e-book will be followed in about a week to ten days by the printed version. Now I move into the marketing phase and begin crossing off the bullet points on my seven page plan. I hope my followers and fans will jump right in at the deep end and buy a book (see the link posted on the home page.) Then PLEASE write a positive review and post it on the Amazon page (“Write a customer review” button). To read the e-book on non-Kindle devices (iPad, tablet, PC, Mac) download the appropriate Kindle App using the link on the right side of the Amazon page. I welcome negative comments and criticisms but ask that you communicate them to me via email or blog comments rather than posting a negative review on Amazon. The plot thickens.

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