Blog Tour – Meet Patsy Schwartz

Hello all you blog tour devotees. I’m Judith Anne Grout, former day-job participant and debut novelist, thus far unencumbered by awards.

I begin this adventure by thanking Laurel Anne Hill (click here) who invited me to join this MEET MY CHARACTER BLOG TOUR. Laurel Anne’s character, Juanita Elise Jame-Navarro, speaks for herself in a most endearing way. I’ve challenged my heroine, Patsy, to do likewise, so take it away, Patsy.


Patsy at 17

Patsy at 17 — Photo taken about 6-months after the ending of the Novel

My name is Patricia Mary Schwartz: a good mix of Irish (which brings luck) and German (which brings stubbornness.) Family and friends call me Patsy. I grew up a good Catholic girl steeped in the wisdom and discipline—and hang-ups—of the fine nuns at St. Michaels Parochial School in Baywater, Minnesota. I readily admit I am not a model student. My nemesis is Sister Philothia who refers to me as “Big Schwartz.” Is it any wonder we do not see eye to eye? In my own estimation, yes, I am big for my age but I suspect I must be Rita’s Hayworth’s identical twin, separated at birth. Many of my high school girlfriends swear this has to be the case. I just know I’m destined for Hollywood fame.

During my sweet sixteenth year I get blindsided by my father’s scheme to marry me off to the town bore. I decide I better leave town before he can follow through. The year is 1939 and my future balances on a knife-thin edge. Our quaint little river town is in for a shake-up as my ex-con dad plans to throw in with the mob from Chicago. He persuades the local sheriff (who happens to be father to the aforementioned town bore) to join in the scheme, figuring the marriage will keep everybody nice and cozy.

So what’s a girl to do? Why, convince my best bud, best pal, true-blue confidante, Virgie, from across the tracks to join me, of course. We’ve been warming up for this adventure for months, skipping school, hopping the bus to ride to Hudson, Wisconsin, just a few miles south and across the St. Croix River. Hitchhiking is no challenge for us anymore – just about like riding the bus minus the fare. What can possibly go wrong? Hollywood, here we come.

Hop on over to Amazon and get the whole scoop if you want to join me ’n Virg on this frolic … well, to be perfectly honest, frolic was what I was hoping for, what I got was somewhat more, shall we say, intense.

And don’t hesitate to read this blog to keep up with my author, Judith, who also happens to be my favorite writer. She is working on updates and I know she will be happy to sign you up as a follower. She has enlisted a group of her best writer colleagues who each have unique characters who are also dying to meet you. Mark your calendars for September 8th and use the links below to learn more:

Links and bios of authors who will introduce you to their own characters on:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Connie Flynn:

Award-winning, bestselling author Connie Flynn writes in multiple genres and formats, which is why she’s named her website and blog Imagination Gone Wild. After several years writing classic romance fiction, she branched into supernatural romantic thrillers. That naturally led to classic romantic suspense which . . . well, she just  had to write a humorous yet dramatic cozy zombie chiller. FIRST WE KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES will release on October 15 and is accepting pre-orders. Connie lives with her Golden Doddle in Arizona on a cool green park that helps them survive the blistering summers and thanks the universe daily that she gets to be a writer.

S. L. Hulen:

Born to an American aerospace engineer and a Mexican mother who met in the flower shop of the famed Hotel Sylvia’s in Ciudad Juarez, my formative years were heavily influenced by the concept that we were neither Anglo nor Hispanic.  Growing up in El Paso, Texas, the traditions, flavors and culture of the southwest serve as the inspiration for my debut novel.

Sylvia Wright

“Misplaced”weaves the folklore and history of New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment into a modern-day race against the funerary rites for an ancient Pharaoh.  I hope the parallels in this historical adventure will capture your imagination as they have mine.


3 thoughts on “Blog Tour – Meet Patsy Schwartz

  1. Dear Patsy,

    It sounds like your having been leading your author (Judith) through some exciting and scary adventures. Thank you for joining the “Meet My Character” Blog Tour.

    Warm wishes,
    Juanita Elise Jame-Navarro (and her author, Laurel Anne Hill)

  2. Lovely blog, Judith. Patsy is a compelling character with a strong voice of her own. I also enjoyed the blog before about how to counterfeit (okay that wasn’t it exactly, but it was still very interesting).

  3. I don’t know that I ever saw a photo of Patsy before, but her voice and photo go together just perfectly. I do so love her spirit, and know that she and Virgie will encounter many adventures along the way. I don’t know how well-prepared this young woman is for life in California. Or how prepared California is for Patsy.

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