Celebrate Every Day


As another new year begins, it’s time to mark those special days (that creep up unexpectedly) on your 2017 calendar. Not just family birthdays or anniversaries, but REALLY SPECIAL DAYS like:

  • National Macaroni Day
  • National Collector Car Appreciation Day
  • National I Love my Feet Day

Just who gets to decide these things you ask? As expected, some are determined by the Feds, the states, or Presidential Proclamations – which is as it should be. But, surprise, surprise, there’s another powerful group, the National Day Calendar Company, whose members meet daily in Mandan, South Dakota and decide what food, product, or cause will be elevated to the honored level of national recognition. After reviewing an application, this five-person group decides who gets a national day. If the lucky applicant is approved, they get to pay several thousand dollars to get on the company’s electronic or hard copy calendar.

National Calendar gets about 18,000 requests per year which leads you to ask, “Just how do they fit that many winners into a mere 365 day year?”
Well – they don’t worry about that little detail – they just squeeze some of them together on the same day, resulting in pairings such as National Chocolate Eclair Day and National Onion Rings Day, both celebrated on June 22nd. So if you like both eclairs an2017 calendar spiral templated onion rings – you’re in luck. The only request they reject, without any reservations, is frequent requests from enamored young men who want to impress their girlfriends by buying that special person their own special day.

Organizations that need promotional opportunities like to pair this type of calendar recognition with social media campaigns and offer coupons and special on shopping days. Or they can use Twitter, Instagram, FB etc. to create “hashtag holidays” on the cheap.

I plan to watch my calendar so special days like National Grits Day on April 14 don’t slip by unnoticed. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Every Day

  1. What a clever post, thanks for sharing, Judy! I hope they have a “national eat dessert for dinner day”! Happy New Year to you and yours.

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