A New Wrinkle


There’s a new rascal threatening our desire for eternal youth, and the unexpected culprit is (drum rolls please)…your cell phone.

Companies that research this sort of thing, for fun and profit, tell us the average person checks their cell phones anywhere from 47 to 85 times a day. And that doesn’t include the five hours spent browsing the web and using apps.

Wrinkles aren’t new – but how we are getting them is. Dermatologists indicate all the hunching, caused by too much looking down at our mobiles messages, has led to lots more of those pesky horizontal lines that crisscross right under our sagging chins.

Wrinkled neck skin is a treatment challenge. It’s thin and inflexible. So the docs suggest slathering on daily doses of sunblock to diminish UV damage. Or you can try laser treatments or exotic, and expensive, topical creams. But the most effective treatment is behavior modification: raise your phone and your desktop computer to eye level. How’s that for cheap, quick, and easy peasy?


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